• Commercial name

    Mohammed Saeed Abdulrahman Trading Est.

  • Legal entity

    Individual institution to its owner

    Mohammed Saeed Abdul Rahman bin Saeed

  • CR

    Official institution registered commercially

    membership number: 93 501

  • Activity

    Trade and sale Hammers and Heavy Equipment Spare Parts

Who we are:

We are here in the organization appreciate the value of our client, so we put on our first and foremost task of satisfying our customers by offering a distinct product in the first place and secondly by providing after sales service seamlessly and fashion world, are also working on a regular basis to improve the quality of products offered by the institution until we are the expectations of our customers Permanent us .. our goal is to become the No. 1 company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of hydraulic Ahawakic heavy equipment. ”

Our goal inside Mohammed Saeed Abdulrahman Bin Saeed Trading Est to make Saudi Arabia a strong country in the field of machinery and heavy equipment such as Ahawakic machine breaker or broken and that Saudi Arabia has factories on their territory serve that area strongly and provide more employment opportunities in the Arab market but scientific foundations and the a global scale, not just a local .. we hope and we are working to achieve that goal by providing equipment with high durability and excellent performance.

Enterprise features

The first importer of Korean hydraulic hammers
30 years experience in the field of hydraulic hammers Korean
Strength and durability
After sales service